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1. Definitions and Terminology

1.1. "Website" - a web resource located at [https://devki.uno].

1.2. "Content" - informational, textual, graphical, audio and video materials, interactive elements, and other resources posted on the Website.

1.3. "User" - a person who has registered on the Website and wishes to access the Content.

1.4. "Subscription" - a paid VIP service that provides the User with access to Content for a specified period of time.

2. General Provisions

2.1. This Offer regulates the terms and conditions for providing the User with access to Content on a paid basis.

2.2. Acceptance of this Offer is made by paying for the Subscription.

2.3. Registration on the Website confirms the User's agreement with all terms of this Offer.

3. Procedure for Subscription and Payment

3.1. The User selects the desired type of Subscription on the Website.

3.2. The User is familiar with the terms and cost of the selected Subscription.

3.3. After selecting a Subscription, the User proceeds to payment through the selected payment system.

3.4. Upon successful payment, access to the Content is automatically activated.

3.5. In case of payment or access problems, the User can contact the Website's support service.

4. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Parties

4.1. The Website undertakes to ensure stable access to the Content during the Subscription period.

4.2. The User agrees to use the Content only for personal needs and not to distribute it without the written permission of the Website owner.

4.3. In case the User violates the terms of the Offer, access to the Content may be suspended without refund.

5. Subscription Cancellation and Refunds

5.1. The User has the right to cancel the Subscription within 14 days of its activation if access to the Content has not been made.

5.2. Refunds are made to the same payment system from which the payment was made.

6. Special Conditions

6.1. All arising disputes and disagreements are resolved through negotiations. In case an agreement is not reached, disputes are considered in accordance with applicable law.